We help clients optimize their ads in an efficient way

BASES optimized creative
​drives 5-20% lift ​in ad-driven sales*  ​

* Source: Household products Advertiser, independent Marketing Mix Modeling Study conducted by Analytic Partners, September 2019  ​

Faster cycle time
to creative excellence
Less creative development waste
50% fewer studies 
Collaborative client-agency research ecosystem
Neuroscience toolkit​
Neuroscience toolkit​

Emotional Motivation, memory activation, attention processing, brand & message resonance.

EYE Tracking

What attracts visual attention during the processing journey.  What is visually connected with viewer response?

Is the creative ready to launch? 
Action Intent vs. Global Database​
How is the ad processed overall? What elements work well and what needs optimization?​
How well does the ad activate the brand and own the core equities?​
How well does the creative differentiate the brand from competitors? ​
What are the most salient moments of the ad to guide cut-downs to shorter formats?
EEG Action Intent & Normalized EEG KPIs

EEG measures include EEG Engagement, Emotional Motivation, Memory Activation, Attention Processing, and Action Intent. Results compared to the global database.

Brand & Message Resonance

Represents how well the creative drives strong, distinctive brand activation and key messages.

Second by Second Key Measure

EEG measures and eye-tracking reveal strengths and opportunities to guide optimization and provide guidance for cut-downs. 

Eye Tracking

Shows where respondents visually focus during each second.

Compression Video

Our patented algorithm create videos that highlights the most neurologically-salient moments of the full-length ad (diagnostic for cut-downs).

Voice of the Viewer

Open-ended exit survey to understand comprehension, likes, dislikes, and explicit messages.


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