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What is Byzzer?

Byzzer levels the playing field by making reliable data and insights accessible to emerging brands that don’t have the personnel or resources to match larger competitors. From actionable smart reports to weekly data alerts to an AI-power presentation creator, we have everything you need to succeed at a price you can afford. 

Uncover a Clearer Path to Growth with Byzzer by NIQ:

Full Market Coverage
Comprehensive POS & Shopper Data
Flexible Data to Suit Your Needs
Solutions for Every Stage of Growth

Key Features

My Stories

Autogenerated presentations with the KPIs you need to convince retailers why you’ve earned your shelf space

Brand Score

See how your brand is performing relative to your category and competition

My Alerts

Set up weekly alerts to track your performance and your competitors, customizable by brand, category, and time frame

My Reports

35+ customizable report templates on your brand, including Total Wellness health, sustainability, and ingredient product attributes

Data On Demand

Access the data you need—weekly, account level, UPC level, and Wellness—any time of day with Data on Demand

Go beyond the natural, unlock the Full ViewTM of your category

Introducing the Better ForTM Segment

Better For Segment™ goes beyond the “Natural Channel”, which as defined by competitors, misses 90% of the actual Better For™ market, where Premier Fresh shoppers spend 8x more share of wallet.

The NIQ Difference

NIQ is a global leader in retail data solutions and has the most comprehensive and up-to-date retail and shopper panel data on the market. The data used by Fortune 500 brands can now be used by small or emerging brands to grow market share thanks to the Byzzer platform.

Affordable for small brands

Byzzer’s pricing is tailored to your individual needs and budget: there’s no one-size-fits-all rate. Flexible ad-hoc options let you purchase one-time report runs just in time for retailer or investor conversations, and monthly subscriptions offer affordable ongoing access.

There’s a package within reach for every brand, even if you’re not on a shelf yet.

Have no budget? Try our free no-risk subscription to run three reports

Naturally Network’s Minority-Owned Fellowship, powered by NIQ, is a program built to support the success of racially and ethnically underrepresented business CPG founders.

Naturally Network’s Minority-Owned Fellowship is a 12-week program built to support and advocate for racially and ethnically underrepresented, early-stage founders in the natural and organic CPG industry. The program brings together resources, tools, and community, facilitating access to opportunities and success for Fellows in the program.

“The fellowship helps foster diversity and empower minority-owned businesses to reach long-term success. We are proud to serve as the main sponsor of the national Minority-Owned Fellowship and support diversity in the CPG industry.”

– Kymberly Graham, VP, Head of Commercial DEI, NIQ

Meet the 2023 Fellows!

Get ready for the season opener!

The second annual NIQ Founders Pitch Slam will bring together some of the most innovative and transformative emerging CPG brands, challenging an elite set of founders to pitch their companies to industry insiders and business leaders as they vie for a first-place award of more than $500k including a $50,000 cash prize and in-kind prizes.

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Now that Naturally Network has officially partnered with NIQ, our members have free-trial access to their world-class data on their platform, Byzzer. Their robust reporting helps emerging brands take the guesswork out of establishing a growth strategy through targeted reports and easy-to-follow action steps. Want to learn more about how NIQ can support your business? We recommend starting with a 1:1 consultation.