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Need To Know Poll Results

In the June Need to Know Poll, you told us your biggest need to know right now is “Pricing & Promotion.” 

Learn more about the things you really Need to Know when it comes to successful Pricing & Promotions below.  

Pricing and Promotion with Bianca Piluso

With all the inflation and recession pressures today, our latest poll points to pricing and promotion as the biggest CPG Need to Know. 

Digging deeper, there are two top issues brands need to think about right now: 

  • Balancing sales vs. margins
  • Crafting more effective promotions 

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Bianca Piluso

VP Analytics

How do I balance sales vs. margins?

It’s a challenge, but NIQ has ways for CPG manufacturers to find this delicate balance. 

Learn key strategies from Bianca Piluso. Watch the podcast to learn the “3 things you need to know to balance Sales v. Margins”

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