Revolutionize Your Retail Strategies

Drive revenue and margin growth with proactive pricing, promotion, assortment, distribution and shelf solutions

Always on, always ahead.

Unlock insights to elevate your retail strategies

Amplify channels. Perfect assortment. Maximize revenue. Optimize performance. NIQ Analytics will help you fast-track your business, lead with confidence, and thrive in a fiercely competitive market.


Prioritize the shelf

Streamline your assortment and merchandising strategies

Improve the way you characterize, organize, and visualize your shelf to unlock unparalleled growth. Shelf Architect is a holistic assortment solution that leverages state-of-the-art modeling and full category coverage to bring you speed to insights. Pair that with Spaceman’s integrated Planogram solutions to improve efficiency and returns on shelf.

Grow revenue

Win by making fast decisions rooted in reliable data

Assess performance, sales drivers, and the impact of promotions to maximize your pricing and trade ROI. Revenue Optimizer gives you access to the most complete and clear insights, pushing you past the competition. Then, get to the why behind your product’s performance with Business Drivers.

Localize execution

Identify performance gaps and quantify opportunities

Maximize sales and save money with a hyper-local view of brand performance and blind spots. Precision Areas provides the sweet spot for efficient opportunity identification by integrating retail sales data, demographic data, and geospatial data. Dive deeper into On Shelf Availability to capture distribution and optimize revenue.


Revolutionize your retail strategies to master the shelf

Save the date

Maximize on-shelf potential with Shelf Architect. Through expert commentary and hands-on use cases, we will help you unlock the power of this game-changing solution.