Segmentation Science

Discover newfound clarity for unique consumer segments by understanding who they are, what is on their minds, and how they behave.

The segmentation struggle is real

A comprehensive segmentation approach built on a deep understanding of an individual’s behavioral, emotional, and functional needs to generate measurable, actionable plans to identify the right consumers for your products or services.

  • Deeper strategic marketing guidance
  • Integrated approach enhanced by best-in class modeling​
  • Align individuals’ needs with actual behavior

Nuanced and actionable segmentation

NielsenIQ’s Segmentation Science takes understanding to the next level for consumers’ needs and their expectations of categories, brands, and services. By decoding individual personality traits and preferences businesses can discover a newfound clarity when it comes to their customer segments.

Key features
Key features


Driven by behavioral science

Unlock a deep understanding of consumers’ emotional needs, preferences, and actual shopper behavior.


Flexible across geographies

Industry-specific strategies for automotive, finance, CPG, retail, e-commerce, tech, nonprofits, and more.


Forward thinking and reliable

Integration with customer databases to develop segment-specific product offerings, sales strategies, and loyalty programs.


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