Forecasting & Activation

BASES Volumetric Forecasting

Accurately predict sales for new products or refreshed brands with superior accuracy and recommendations focused on maximizing revenue across different marketing strategies.

Maximize your return on innovation

Precisely plan production capacity and marketing support for your upcoming product launches.

  • Industry-leading models
  • Actionable consulting
  • Flexible planning

Prioritize and plan your product launches

Confidently make launch and execution decisions with a personalized, nuanced look at your marketing plan. Our comprehensive model strengthens your approach and maximizes your in-market success.

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Key features
Key features


Gold standard models

The only forecasting model to pursue and pass the Marketing Accountability Standards Board protocol.


Looks and feels

Over 500,000 forecasts conducted with over 200 dedicated global forecasting specialists makes forecasting simple.



Comprehensive forecasting packages help give you the answers you need at any point in your development process.


How can we help you?

We know that there is no one simple answer to every question. Tell us what your unique situation and needs are, and we’ll work with you to find a solution that makes your life easier.

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