BASES Menu Innovation Awards 2022

The BASES Menu Innovation Awards recognizes and celebrates standout restaurant launches.

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Past Year
2021 Winners
Past Year
2021 Winners

Past winners

• Delivering on taste and innovation with mashups

• Tapping into incremental growth occasions with meal bundles

• The rise in celebrity partnerships

• Growth in plant-based menu offerings

BASES Restaurants
BASES Restaurants

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We have more than 35 years of experience predicting in-market success and expertise in the restaurant industry with more than 2,000 new menu item concepts across a wide range of categories evaluated in over 25 countries… and counting.


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Brand & Category Drivers


Which new items should I prioritize?
How much will they contribute to sales?

Overnight Screening, Concept Validation & Forecasting


Do my on- and off-premise advertising communicate the right benefits?
Are they motivating my guests to act?

Design Testing
Ad Optimization

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