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NielsenIQ Partner Network: Find a Solution

A marketplace of solution providers that use NielsenIQ data to deliver actionable insights and enhanced services for your business.


The most comprehensive 360 data and analytics on the what, where and why of the consumer ​

Tap into our network of technology, data and analytics partners together in one place.​

Easily access a wide range of vetted partners that seamlessly use our NIQ data ​

Make the most of your investments​

Make the most of your investments
  1. Analytics – NIQ Partners leverage our data to help clients understand sales performance, consumer insights/segmentation, marketing effectiveness, assortment, and forecasting/predictive modeling to make better, more informed business decisions.​
  2. Business Intelligence & Automation – NIQ Partners help clients visualize and integrate data to identify actionable insights and streamline processes to maximize revenue opportunities.​
  3. Data Providers – NIQ Partners further enhance our best-in-class retail measurement and consumer panel data, with additional context such as weather, unemployment figures or product and store dimensions.​

The win-win-win benefits of our NIQ Partner Network

Partners leverage our syndicated measurement data to support and service CPG Manufacturers and Retailers in an endless variety of use cases across the spectrum of analytics, business intelligence, and data augmentation.

Looking to boost your demand planning, data harmonization, and AI-driven promotions? Easily search our available partners to see which can best help you solve your most pressing business challenges.

NIQ + Partners

  • Providing the most comprehensive 360 solution suite
  • Most granular and comprehensive retail point of sales and consumer data

Retailers & Brands

  • Easily access a wide range of vetted partners to augment your existing NIQ solutions to power even better business results

Need a Partner Solution?

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