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Growing economies are built on successful entrepreneurship. NielsenIQ data designed for entrepreneurs helps you keep track of market shares, stay on top of market trends, and build strategic plans.​ Understanding your customers, competitors, and the market you operate in is key to your growth.

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You’ve probably been looking
for answers to questions like

What is the market trend in my category?
What channels are really working for me?
Are my products priced correctly?
How are my products performing compared to my competitors? ​​

The answers come in the data, which in turn
can build the map to growing your business.

Accessibility to data that is easy to use is now possible with NielsenIQ.
Featured solution
Featured solution

Connect Express Go​

Expand your horizon. Get the confidence to make data-driven decisions to grow your business ​


NielsenIQ offers you and your business:


An agile and flexible solution​

Designed for entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses – designed to give you the power and freedom with data via our single access point.​


With affordable pricing​

Start with a small investment to unlock new growth potential with accurate data to achieve fast ROI.​


Easy to use

Deliverables via our always-on platform, with a simple & easy to use interface, providing actionable insights to grow your business.​

Featured interview

Conversation with a Founder

In this installment of the Founders Series, Bolero’s founding partner, Gilberto Rodriguez, discusses the challenges they faced talking to retailers when they were the “new kid in town” and how they got their big break with Walmart.

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Five Ws and one H to mastering your category

Ready to understand your category better but not sure how to go about it? Start by asking the questions to find the right data. (Free presentation template included!)

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